Fantasy Baseball Saves Lives

This is a quick hit blog post, but I wanted to share an incredible turn of events that once again demonstrated that God is in control and that His grace is more than sufficient.

So I created a fantasy baseball league through ESPN to where my former you minister and current friend Steve Bullard is a participant.  I decide to call up Steve to give him the standard issue order of trash talk.  When talking to him, he told me that the youth minister in Purcell had his speaker for his Disciple Now weekend cancel on him, and that he wanted to recommend me for the gig.  I told him to go ahead and send the youth minister in Purcell my number.  Not 10 minutes later, I get a call from Michael McAfee (youth minister at FBC Purcell), and booked the event.

Not only is this providential because of the fact that I love to speak in front of people about Jesus and about His transformative message, but it is providential because I am in the middle of a job change.  I have finally shuffled off the coil of the restaurant industry and will start training at AT&T this Monday.  I was concerned about our cash flow, but once again God has come through in the clutch with this opportunity.

This is simply one more example that Jesus is a fan of baseball, and also plays fantasy as well.

Once I get some school stuff in order after the weekend, I have a couple of blog topics that need to get down on paper and into the blogosphere.  Thanks for the read!


About larsenphillip

I'm an imperfect disciple of Jesus Christ. I am learning that my walk with Jesus gets deeper when I drop the presumptions that I have and simply follow him. I get frustrated when people put God in a box, and presume to know how He will reach individuals, work in peoples lives, and advance His kingdom. If Tony Campolo or Jim Wallis were to call me and ask me to work for them for free...I probably would. I think one day I'll write a book, and I am a nut for STL Cardinal baseball.
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