Fantasy baseball and update on the new job.

This blog is actually more to see if it automatically posts to my social networks when I write a new post, so if you are one of the 5 loyal readers, then you could probably take a break.

I am a big fan of fantasy sports.  I usually play fantasy football every year, and I’ve played fantasy baseball and basketball in the past.  Tonight is my draft for my fantasy baseball league.  It is an auction draft, which I highly recommend.  I have a list of players that I am going to target pretty heavily, but in the off chance that one of my 5 loyal readers is also in my league, I will post an update on who I got later on tonight.

In other news, the new job is going good so far, but this week I will be training at the store.  I should have a much better understanding on how I like the job very soon.  Although I did find out that it looks like there a great chance that I am going to get the new Motorola Atrix as my work phone.  That will be fun to play with.


About larsenphillip

I'm an imperfect disciple of Jesus Christ. I am learning that my walk with Jesus gets deeper when I drop the presumptions that I have and simply follow him. I get frustrated when people put God in a box, and presume to know how He will reach individuals, work in peoples lives, and advance His kingdom. If Tony Campolo or Jim Wallis were to call me and ask me to work for them for free...I probably would. I think one day I'll write a book, and I am a nut for STL Cardinal baseball.
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