Fantasy Baseball Draft Results:

As promised, here are the results of my fantasy baseball draft. It was an auction draft, and each individual category is assigned points. For example, if you steal a base, its worth 1 point, if you get a win as a pitcher, its worth 10 points. There are a ton of categories, so I am not going to break it down. Most points at the end of each week wins. By the way, my team name is the “New York Madoffs”.

Here is the conclusion I have reached about my team. I wanted to put it up at the top, so you can cut to the chase on what I think without having to wade through my entire roster.

I like my team. There were some things that I went after pretty aggressively (Pujols, in particular), and some things that simply fell into place (Sabathia). Carpenter, Reyes and Hamilton scare me a bit, because they are injury risks. However, while they are on the field, they are studs who could be the difference.

Here is my team:

C: Yadier Molina STL: This is more for my wife than anything. There has been many times where she has told me that if Yadi knocked on our door, she would leave me for him. And it’s just Yadi. The other catching Molina brothers don’t do anything for her. Good thing that Yadi is married, otherwise I might have to do something drastic.

1B: Albert Pujols STL: This was my “spare no expense” pick. With a $520 budget of pretend auction money, I spent $84 on Sir Albert, and I still came in under what I was willing to spend on him. I’ll go ahead and write in 30 HR, 100 RBI with a .310 average now and not think twice, but knowing both my and the Cardinal’s luck thus far in the 2011 season, he will get bird flu or something.

2B: Martin Prado ATL: He has both 2B and 3B eligibility. Scored over 100 runs last year, and batted over .300. 2B is usually a weak position. He is 27, which is right smack dab in the middle of his prime. He will bat high in a pretty stout lineup with Uggla and Heyward behind him, and I wasn’t going to drop bank on Robinson Cano.

3B: Jose Bautista: Once again, buying versatility a bit because of 3B and RF eligibility. Alos, Bautista lead all of baseball with 54 homeruns. Everyone is saying that that it was a fluke, and I don’t expect 50 plus HR. But even if he drops off by 20%, its still 40 HR. Yes please!

SS: Jose Reyes NYM: Once again, a weak position once you get past the top tier, but has been a top tier SS in the past, and evidently is fully healthy again. Hoping for a reversion to the Jose Reyes of the past, but this is me…not holding my breath.

2B/SS Flex: Alexei Ramiriez CWS: Will not sniff Ramirez or Tulowitzki numbers, but that’s not what we are asking from him here. .290 with 10+ taters 10+ swipes and I will be a happy camper.

1B/3B Flex: David Freese STL: Yes, I am a Cardinal homer. But he was raking before he got hurt. His absence in the lineup for the team with the birds on the bat was noticed to say the least. If he can stay healthy, it might be the best $1 pick up of my lineup, but see Reyes, Jose.

LF: Josh Hamilton TEX: Hamilton hurt for a decent sized portion of the year and still was the AL MVP. Health will be an issue, but if he is on the field, then he puts up Albert numbers. This was also the first pick where I had to adjust on the fly, because I had Matt Holliday targeted here, but he got too pricey. Looking back, I like Hamilton here, because if he is on the field, then he is nowhere near as streaky as Holliday.

CF: Andrew McCutchen PIT: Once again, another position where I had to adjust on the fly, because I targeted Carlos Gonzalez of Colorado, but he went about $20 higher than I was willing to pay for at this particular position. If Andrew McCutchen played for anyone else but the Pirates, then he would be a fantasy stud. The good news is that Pirates can always trade him to someone else in true Pirates form.

RF: Ichiro Suzuki SEA: Did you know that Ichiro is 37? Gone are the days of .350+ average, but still .310 will be alright for me. Plus if Ichiro continues his predictable and steady decline, I still have options with Bautista. I am a little bit concerned because of the fact that there really isn’t anyone behind him that can provide protection or RBI production that he needs to score runs. Look at it this way, he is in a lineup that also include Brendan Ryan…the prosecution rests.

OF: Colby Rasmus STL: If he can stay out of Tony LaRussa’s dog house, then this has the hallmarks of breakout year potential. Then again, he could also cry like a little girl and not be in the lineup against lefty’s, then demand a trade…but surely that wouldn’t happen. I mean its not like Rasmus is a spoiled brat and LaRussa is a Curmudgeon.

Util: Adam Jones Bal: 5 tool player and another breakout candidate. He is 25, so there some growth potential, but I foresee steps towards becoming a big big star for Mr. Jones and me.

Util: Lance Berkman STL: Another 3D (Dollar Dumpster Dive).

Bench: Matt Wieters Bal: Since Yadi isn’t really known for his bat, this is a take a chance/roll the dice play. He has 20 HR potential where Yadi…well…does not.

Bench: Travis Snider Tor: ESPN thought I hadn’t gotten a LF yet, so they made me get one. Already looking to the waiver wire, where he will be the first voted off the island.

SP: C.C. Sabathia NYY: If I would have landed Gonzalez or Holliday, then I wouldn’t have gotten Sabathia. And the truth is that I was targeting Wainwright initially as my top starter, but something very very terrible happened. In fact, I don’t want to talk about it. Let move on.

SP: Chris Carpenter STL: You had to know this was coming. If you didn’t know this was coming, then you simply haven’t been paying attention. Not worried about the hamstring at all, but the fact that his arm could physically detach itself from the elbow and fly off at any moment makes this fairly high risk. But if he stays healthy, he is a strong NL Cy Young candidate.

SP: Jered Weaver LAA: Not to be confused with his brother Jeff. Also, fun fact, Jered pitched a no-hitter at one point in his career and lost the game.

SP: Brett Myers: This pick and the next one demonstrate one of the weaknesses of my lineup. To get Albert, Sabathia, Bautista, Reyes, and Carp, the back end of my SP has to be 3D’s

SP: Jeremy Hellickson TB: See Myers, Brett

RP: J.J. Putz ARI: Closer is the least predictable position in baseball. True, I decided to target Putz, because I had the budget to do so, but generally speaking, I don’t spend top dollar on the best closers. Because Today’s Brian Wilson is tomorrow’s Brad Lidge (the bad Brad Lidge. You know, the one Albert Pujols hit a ball so far off of, Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte stood open slack jawed saying “Oh my God!”).

RP: Chris Perez CLE: Former STL prospect, it was between Perez and Jason Motte on “closer of the future”. The Cardinal Brass picked Motte, and traded Perez in the Mark DeRosa deal. DeRosa got hurt shortly after that trade, and pretty much was a disappointment, and then wasn’t resigned. Perez is the uncontested closer in Cleveland. Jury is still out on Motte.

RP Drew Storen WAS: Someone has to close in Washington, and if it weren’t for some guy named Strasburg, people would have been talking about the fireballing reliever who would hold down the closer role for years to come. Fun fact, Storen and Strasburg were not only drafted the same year, but technically the same round.

RP Ryan Franklin STL: If you didn’t see this coming, then I am not as much mad as I am disappointed.

Bench: Jake Peavy CWS: 3D with high upside. If he gets back to within shouting distance of the Peavy in San Diego, then I will look like a genius. If not, no big whoop, I only spent a dollar.


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  1. samdutro says:

    I really wish I cared about baseball Phill.

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