Renewal and Provision

Many if not most of you know that I have released my first book: “Suit Up”.  For those who have supported it’s release and the ministry behind it to this point, I want to say thank you!  As I have released the book and am working to get it to the point where it is sustainable, I am doing something that I swore two years ago I would never do again…work in a restaurant.  So far this jump back into “The Industry” has been a good one, and this is in large part because I am working for a restaurant that is committed to serving their employees as much as their guests…which has been nice.

Last night, I was working at the restaurant and it was especially slow.  I had worked the lunch shift and was in the middle of working the dinner shift.  After making all of $10 at lunch and getting absolutely stiffed on my first table I was not off to a promising start.  Compound that with the fact that it was pretty crazy slow, and the prospect of the night being a bust was very real.

I was approached by a colleague about the prospect of leaving earlier than usual due to the lackluster amount of business (not an uncommon practice in the restaurant).  I weighed the decision back and forth.  In fact, I changed my mind about 3 or 4 times before settling on sticking it out and making as much money as I could.

As the night progressed, it got a little busier.  At one point I struck up a conversation with a table that wasn’t even mind, which is hardly a shock for me.  The subject of my book came up and I talked about my reasoning for writing, what my hopes were, and some of the subject matter.  They seemed really intrigued.  Since I have released, I have started the practice of carrying a couple copies of the book with me…because you never know.  I asked the table if they wanted to see a copy and they said yes.

They were really impressed with the content and asked how much the book was and told them it was $15 (sales tax included in the price).  They were interested in buying it, and also asked me to sign it, which I obliged.  However, instead of slipping me $15 or…they slide a dollar bill that has Ben Franklin’s likeness.  I reach for my cash hoping that I had change to break it.  Then something happened.  They said that change was not required and that I should keep it!  Talk about a blessing!

God called me to write a book.  He also called me to self-publish and self-promote it.  Although the plan on it’s release and transition to sustainability was not exactly how I would have planned it, would have liked for it to happen, and from my very limited perspective was less than ideal, my job is not to question the calling or even the method that it was carried out, but to be faithful to his prompting.

During a time where I was frustrated with work, frustrated with all of the work that is required to self-publish, self-promote, and in essence be an entrepreneur, this was God in essence saying:

I have called you to it, and I will bring you through it.  I’ll take care of what is required and this ministry will thrive, if for no other reason that I am God and I already have the future under my purview.  You asked for a vision that is so big that they only way for it to succeed is if I, the God of the Universe, show up.  That is going to require that you, as my follower, let me work and do what I do best…provide.

Needless to say, my night got a lot better and my commitment to what God called me to do was renewed.


About larsenphillip

I'm an imperfect disciple of Jesus Christ. I am learning that my walk with Jesus gets deeper when I drop the presumptions that I have and simply follow him. I get frustrated when people put God in a box, and presume to know how He will reach individuals, work in peoples lives, and advance His kingdom. If Tony Campolo or Jim Wallis were to call me and ask me to work for them for free...I probably would. I think one day I'll write a book, and I am a nut for STL Cardinal baseball.
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